Bluetooth Technology and the Selfie

by 1375695474 on 18/09/2014

A Bluetooth device is used to communicate between mobile devices and other electronics. Networking wirelessly, or without cables, and within a range is the job of a Bluetooth device. Use Bluetooth technology to communicate within a Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth enables devices such as computers, printers, phones and audio players to sync together.

Simply defined selfie sticks are monopods that hold your smartphone or any cell phone with a camera, and extends longer than your arm. The trend is very popular in the Philippines and China. Photographers can take pictures of themselves and or a group by controlling the shutter, timer and focus from the buttons on the handle.

How Bluetooth and Selfie Sticks Work Together

Your selfie stick is expandable and can be extended to about 105 centimeters. Most brands are made from metal and have a firm grip to prevent the stick from fallout out of your hands. Unextended the selfie stick can be carried in your backpack, bag or pocket.

Purchase a selfie pack off the web or search you nearest camera store. A selfie pack includes an extendable monopod plus a Bluetooth camera shutter remote. Attach your smartphone or lightweight camera to the clamp on the end of the selfie stick. The smartphone holder on the selfie stick uk works for smartphones with a screen size about 3.7 to 5.7 inches. Smartphone brands include iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia, HT Legend and others. If you have misgivings, check the screen size of your smartphone in the clamp on the stick.

Use the Bluetooth camera shutter remote to operate your camera when attached to the selfie stick. Most Bluetooth remotes have a range of 10 meters. You do not need to install software. Just connect the remote to your camera or smartphone and you are ready to take selfies, family group shots or funny videos. Most Bluetooth remotes are very light, and you can store them in your backpack or pocket with the selfie stick.

Your bluetooth selfie stick is much more than a device used to take selfies to post on social media.

  • Remember when you used a tripod, set the camera, turned on the self-timer and ran to be in the picture? Now everything is so much more scaled down, easier to use, and pictures come out perfect. The selfie stick is a new-fangled tripod.
  • Use your selfie stick with GoPros. Put your Pro on the end of the stick and let it take awesome shots of the landscape, groups of people, or family reunions and sports events.
  • The selfie-stick can help you document your activities.

The selfie-stick should probably be named something else. The selfie has a bad connotation of a photographer who longs to be looked at and admired. This monopod (which sounds like a sea creature) is really an invention that can take the art of photography to new heights. Even those with no photography talent can add Bluetooth to a long pole and a camera and take spectacular shots.






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