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by 1375695474 on 29/06/2013

Acid metal separation or acid retardation is integral to the heavy metal industry, steel and mining companies and any business that deals in acids and chemical waste. Acid metal separation is the process of extracting the metal contents in acids. Also known as acid retardation, the process can be very simple or very complicated. Acids and salts go hand in hand. Almost every acid will have salt contents formed of the metal that the acid contains. Acid metal separation is thus quintessential for many reasons.

Here are some of the benefits of acid metal separation.

Better Product Quality

Acids are used by fabricators, alloy producers and all companies dealing with various kinds of metals and metallic products. Subjecting the acids used for pickling or milling to acid metal separation will lead to efficient finishing processes resulting in better product quality. Metals and their salts present in acids consistently interfere with the finishing process. It creates deposits, reduces the efficacy of the acids and can also cause damage to the product quality. To undo the dents caused by metals in the finishing process, the products often have to be re-worked upon or a partial re-finishing process has to be carried out. Neither are such alternatives practically desirable nor are they good for the quality of the product being made. With acid retardation, such problems can be averted and much better products can be made across various industries.

Financial Rewards

Any company using acid normally dumps a lot of the acid due to its concentrated metal contents. The metal salts in the acid are unusable and unutilized. Owing to the metal contents, a lot of the acid itself cannot be used. As a result, companies waste a fair part of the acid procured and that also leads to an increase in the chemical waste.

First, with efficient acid metal separation, you would get acids that you can use. You wouldn’t have to dump a part of the acid. Consequentially, you get the full value of your investments. From another perspective, you do not waste a part of your investment in dumping a part of the acid due to lack of acid retardation in the process.

Second, you reduce your chemical waste which again helps you to save some costs in your waste management and treatment cycles.

Better Health, Safety & Environment

With acid retardation, a company can ensure better health and safety standards for the workers and better operations of the infrastructure apart from the environment being benefitted due to less toxic waste.


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